« My mission as a photographer is capture special moments in special locations



My name is Francisco Antunes. I am a professional photographer born and raised in Porto,  Portugal.

I discovered photography at the age of 23 and I started shooting my friends who surfed. After I finished a professional photography class in Instituto Português da Fotografia I started doing my first professional steps in my career, working in my own projects, having some little works and travel around the world to create a complete portfolio.

During some years I spent time shooting in countries like Morocco, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Portugal, Spain, and a few others places, where I feel I improve my skills as a photographer and also been recognized as a photographer in some of the best national and international media in the world.


Nowadays, I work as a professional freelance photographer. Most of the time I spend shooting a big diversity of commercial photography tasks.


When I am not working I keep busy shooting for my project called Get Lost Photo (@getlost_photo).  Where I show some of my best images of action, travel, and lifestyle.

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Instagram : getlost_photo